Fieldd App Review:  The Best Software for Service Providers?

The best way to provide efficient services to your customers is with seamless scheduling software. The right platform can double your business without having to hire new people. An effective booking system is crucial when you have locations in multiple cities. That is why we decided to review the fieldd app.

Here is What We Found Out About fieldd.

Our fieldd Review Summary: Is fieldd the Best Booking App for Service-focused Businesses?

After researching fieldd’s competitors, we found that few booking platforms let you see your business in real-time. fieldd is revolutionizing the way customers book service appointments. Each company has its pros and cons, but fieldd comes out on top for several reasons.

8.9 Total Score
Here’s How fieldd Stacks Up:

After testing fieldd in several scheduling categories, including ease of use, features, value, quality of tools, and customer satisfaction.  Here are the results:

Ease of Use
Quality of Tools
Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivers a seamless booking and scheduling experience for users
  • Lets you complete jobs ten times faster than traditional scheduling methods
  • Automates all the tasks to manage jobs with less effort
  • Accepts all payment forms, so you get paid immediately
  • Delivers complete visibility through real-time status and dashboard overviews
  • Customers no longer have to wait on hold to book an appointment
  • Some people prefer to speak with a person
fieldd Software for Modern Businesses
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What is a Direct Service Booking Platform?

A direct service booking platform works like ordering a coffee from an app. Your customers choose the service needed and the time that works best for them. The smart online booking system automatically assigns the right resources based on location, skills, and availability.

fieldd Direct Booking is Easy

using fieldd is like hiring a 24/7 dispatch team you can run from the comfort of your home office. It turns missed calls into paying customers with an innovative auto-dispatch system.

  • filedd automatically schedules the job and synchronizes the calendar.
  • filedd systematically assigns the proper resources for the job based on location, skills, and availability.
  • filedd sends an alert to the technician with all the necessary details.

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How fieldd Works

When customers log into the web platform or the app, they choose which service meets their needs. fieldd then checks which services are available in their location and the position of certified technicians who can field the call.

fieldd offers several options to the customer for appointment times and they choose what works best with their schedule. There is no waiting on the phone for an hour to get service since each appointment is tailored to the time the customer has set.

What Does fieldd Offer Customers?

Unlike traditional booking methods, fieldd has on-demand dispatch. Technicians who are close to the service location can see which jobs are available and can select the job they can fulfill.

Once the technician accepts the job, the customer gets immediate SMS notifications with estimated arrival times. This is an ideal match for short-duration jobs and technicians with a flexible schedule. They get these advantages when using fieldd to schedule services:

  • Accurate field service areas: The field app won’t schedule services in an area where you don’t have a technician. This saves your customers’ time and frustration.
  • Real-time tracking: fieldd increases customer satisfaction with real-time tracking. At any given moment, your customer knows where the technician is en route and the estimated arrival time.
  • Customer profile: Customers have an online profile where they can see payments and the history of services. They can go in anytime and schedule tasks from their profile, including canceling and rescheduling jobs.

What Does fieldd Offer the Business Owner?

As a service business owner, you can watch every call from the fieldd dashboard. This fieldd CRM dashboard gives you real-time oversight of every service. You can:

  • See the communication between the customer and the service technician
  • Track invoices and payments in real-time
  • Automate invoices and SMS reminders
  • Document each job as if you were there in person

The technicians will:

  • Capture and store photos of the work performed
  • View, share, and download photos of the work performed
  • Access all photos in the photo gallery, digital job card, or worker profile
  • Job notes and updates automatically sync to the technician’s device

Three fieldd Pricing Plans

The fieldd pricing plans for any size company are reasonable. You can take part in a free 7-day trial with no credit card on file required. The three pricing plans allow you to customize the platform to your company’s needs.

Small Business Pricing

The Small Business pricing targets companies with fewer than fifty field staff. You have everything you need to run a field service management business, including:

  • Field service management software that delivers long-term success
  • Organize your customers in one place
  • Maintain a job performed, service technician completing the job, and payment in one place

Enterprise Pricing

The Enterprise pricing is for service businesses of more than fifty field staff. This level is ideal for multi-site companies that need:

  • Field service management software for multi-city businesses
  • Automated dispatch across several cities
  • Simplified communication

Government Pricing

The Government pricing supplies governments, 311, and microtransit companies with a powerful end-to-end platform for field service management. The fieldd software does the following:

  • Reduces citywide response times
  • Provides an accessible engagement suite
  • Efficient auto-dispatch
  • Faster resolution times

What Service Businesses Currently Use fieldd?

Any service-focused business will benefit from the fieldd technology. You can meet customers’ immediate needs and oversee the entire service call.  This platform lets you grow your business exponentially without having to hire more employees. Use the link to get a 5% Lifetime Discount when you sign up for fieldd.

House Cleaning

Manage all the house cleaning appointments from one central location and build customer trust with easy online scheduling. Give your clients real-time status updates and track your cleaning crews to keep them on schedule.

Snow Removal  

Optimized snow removal scheduling reduces travel time, downtime, and snow removal job costs. The self-serve appointment scheduling lets your customers choose the day and time for service. Communicate snow removal completion through the app with accurate photos, notes, and updates.

Home Inspections

Reduce missed calls with the fieldd app and take your home inspection business to the next level. The app lists an accurate address, notes, and entry requirements. Checklists and in-app photos document findings that can be referred to repeatedly.

Handyman Business

Growing and managing a handyman business is a tricky job. Reduce your time on paperwork, scheduling calls, and delivering estimates with the fieldd platform. Handle invoicing and payments in the app, and let your customers easily schedule same-day appointments.

Pest Control

Pest control can be a business where you must practice subtlety, especially when someone has an infestation. The fieldd app lets your customers schedule pest control services discreetly. The app design allows you to upsell your customers and improve cash flow with on-the-spot payments.

This is a sampling of service-focused businesses that use fieldd with measurable results.  

fieldd Software for Modern Businesses
To learn more about fieldd Software for Modern Businesses, click the button >>

The Verdict

From live tracking so your customers know exactly when someone will arrive to the ease of making online appointments, we love the fieldd app. It is built for the service industry newcomer and established service professionals.

People expect to book online appointments for haircuts, rides, and other services. Setting service appointments is no different. Investing in the fieldd platform keeps you from missing the calls that generate income. Plus, it integrates every part of your business in one place where you can track and document each job.

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