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Giving your customers a seamless service experience can keep them coming back again and again. That’s why you need software that streamlines every process. fieldd Service Management lets you boost revenue without additional hiring.

Let’s see how they stack up.

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Our fieldd Review: Is fieldd the Best Software for Scheduling and Dispatching Field Services?

Compared to their competitors, fieldd allows you to keep tabs on services in real-time. With website overviews and dashboards, you have complete visibility all the time. Customers don’t have to sit on hold waiting to talk to someone. Instead, they schedule an appointment and continue their day.

Plus, when you use a fieldd discount code, you get a 5% Lifetime Discount.

fieldd Lifetime 5% Discount
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8.9 Total Score
Here’s How fieldd Stacks Up to Their Competition:

After testing fieldd in several scheduling categories, including ease of use, features, value, quality of tools, and customer satisfaction. Here are the result:

Ease of Use
Quality of tools
Customer Satisfaction
  • Operates like a 24/7 scheduling and dispatch team
  • Automatically assigns the right resources for any service job
  • Alerts the technician with all relevant job details
  • Presents the customer with options for booking before scheduling an appointment
  • Sends customers live SMS messages with estimated arrival times
  • Automated invoicing and tracked payments
  • No in-person customer scheduling

How Does fieldd Work?

Never miss a call for service again with fieldd. This online booking system allows you to maximize your calendar and keep it running with auto-edge dispatch. fieldd has a webpage and an app to give your customers multiple ways to schedule an appointment. Sign up for the software, and you get a Lifetime Discount of 5% when you use the fieldd Promo Code.

Fieldd App

Fieldd Pricing Options

Take charge of your business and document each job as if you were there. The CRM web dashboard lets you oversee communication between customers and field technicians and track payments. Three plans cover any size business.

  • Small business: When your company employs from 1-50 people, the Small Business plan is ideal. It has what you need to manage customers, technicians, scheduling, and payments.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise targets multi-city companies with field service dispatch capabilities. Simplify communication with 50+ employees and manage every location with one software.
  • Government: The Government plan is perfect for utilizes, microtransit, and 311, reducing citywide response times.

This powerful end-to-end platform has everything you need to run your service business accurately. What do you have to lose with the additional 5% Lifetime Discount when you use the fieldd promo code?

Fieldd App

How is fieldd Different From the Rest?

Most customers expect to use a digital application when booking a ride or buying a coffee. Booking services are no different. fieldd gives you a platform to beat the competition and complete jobs ten times faster. You can accept all forms of payment without all the paperwork and follow-up.

Fieldd Mapping

The average time to build an app with the big companies is years and thousands of dollars. With the fieldd app, you can design and build an app in just 14 days. You get every fieldd feature in the app and can drag and drop the features that meet your needs.

The fieldd advantages are clear:

  • Get your app on the app store in radically less time than normal
  • fieldd maintains your mobile apps while you schedule more business
  • Get a custom-branded app for a fraction of the cost
  • As soon as the app is up and running, you are booking services

What Clients are Saying About the fieldd App

Refresh Mobile Detailing completed 30K bookings in two years using the fieldd app. Moving from their old booking software to fieldd unlocked the full potential for their mobile car wash service.

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A Pittsburgh Real Estate Photography business grew over 200% in one year and added eight staff members to handle the new business. Their old software caused photographers to arrive late to appointments and limited customer booking windows. fieldd fixed that and took their photography business to the next level.

When you sign up for fieldd to handle scheduling your services, use the fieldd discount code to get the 5% Lifetime Discount.

The fieldd CRM Difference

If having no contact with your customers makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that the fieldd CRM is your eyes and ears in the field. You can monitor progress and handle issues 24/7 from the comfort of your home without missing a beat. 

Fieldd Discount Code

Why You Need the fieldd App to Manage Staff

The mobile fieldd app allows you to manage contractors, on-site workers, and techs. One touch syncs your Google calendar to prevent double bookings and ensure quick dispatch. Alert service techs with the right skills who are nearby the job location.

Fieldd Promo Code

Does fieldd Work for Any Service Business?

fieldd works for any size service business. The fieldd software lets you utilize its modular architecture to customize and personalize all the options for multiple applications. It gives you an accurate management tool to minimize travel time between appointments, reducing downtime.  Sign up with the fieldd coupon and get a Lifetime Discount of 5%.

fieldd Lifetime 5% Discount
Ready to get a big reduction in your monthly fee? Just click the button to appy your lifetime discount now! >>

How Can You Get Started with fieldd?

Getting started with fieldd is easy! You can use their 7-day Free Trial with no contracts, set-up fees, or credit card required. Then, when you see how fieldd makes your life so much easier, you can use their 5% Lifetime Discount fieldd promo code and save over time.

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