Go High Level Review: Does It Truly Elevate Agency Marketing or Is It Just Hype?

High Level stands out in the digital marketing landscape as a comprehensive, all-in-one platform designed specifically for agencies. It seamlessly integrates lead generation, client management, and campaign automation, offering a streamlined solution that enhances efficiency and effectiveness in marketing strategies. This platform is a game-changer for agencies looking to optimize their operations and achieve remarkable results.

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Our High Level Review

Having used High Level, I’ve come to appreciate its robust automation capabilities, which are a standout feature for me. The platform has significantly streamlined my marketing funnels and processes, making it an invaluable tool in my marketing toolkit. The efficiency it brings to my workflow is something I’ve come to rely on heavily.

However, there are aspects that I find challenging. The platform’s email server configurations and unsubscribe options aren’t as user-friendly as I’d hoped. I had to invest additional time to set up my own forms and automations, which was a bit of a hassle. This was a bit of a letdown, considering the otherwise high level of functionality the platform offers.

Another area that has been a mixed bag for me is customer service, particularly when it comes to billing issues. While I appreciate the overall support provided, resolving specific billing queries has been more time-consuming and complex than I expected.

The white-labeling feature of High Level is a game-changer, offering a degree of customization that enhances my brand’s presence. Also, the continuous introduction of new features keeps the platform dynamic and evolving, although it sometimes introduces temporary glitches that require a bit of patience to navigate.

High Level- Get the Leads Your Company Deserves
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High Level Features

Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Platform High Level serves as a unified platform that integrates various marketing and sales tools. This integration simplifies processes, making it easier for agencies to manage their marketing efforts and client interactions in one place.

Lead Capture Tools The platform offers a variety of tools to capture leads, such as customizable landing pages, interactive surveys, forms, and a sophisticated inbound phone system. These tools are designed to maximize lead generation and engagement.

Lead Nurturing High Level automates the process of nurturing leads through multiple channels. This includes sending automated voicemails, making forced calls, and utilizing SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger. This multi-channel approach ensures consistent and effective communication with potential clients.

Built-in Tools for Business Operations The platform includes essential business tools for collecting payments, scheduling appointments, and tracking important analytics. This comprehensive approach helps businesses streamline their operations and focus on growth.

Full-Featured Page Builder High Level’s page builder allows users to create professional-quality websites, sales funnels, pop-ups, and landing pages. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design and customize pages without needing extensive technical skills.

Online Appointment Scheduling The integrated calendar application simplifies the appointment booking process, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their schedules and client appointments.

Multi-Channel Follow-Up Campaigns Users can set up automated follow-up campaigns across various communication channels. This feature ensures that leads remain engaged and moves them effectively through the sales funnel.

Automated Booking and AI Integration High Level automates the booking process, placing appointments directly on calendars. The platform’s AI capabilities manage conversations, adding a layer of intelligence to client interactions.

Membership Area Creation The platform enables the creation of membership areas and online courses. Users can host and manage content, offering both free and paid access to their audience.

Pipeline Management and Analytics High Level provides tools for managing sales pipelines and workflows. The platform also offers detailed analytics and reporting features, giving insights into lead generation and sales performance.

White Labeling Options Agencies can white-label High Level, offering it to their clients under their own branding. This feature allows for customization and branding consistency, adding value to the services agencies provide to their clients.

Community and Support High Level emphasizes community engagement and support. Users have access to a network of digital marketers and can participate in a community-driven development process, sharing ideas and best practices.

High Level is designed to be a comprehensive tool for agencies and digital marketers, offering a wide range of features to streamline marketing efforts, enhance client engagement, and drive business growth.

High Level Pricing Overview

Starter Plan: Priced at $97 USD per month, this plan includes essential tools for capturing more leads, nurturing, and closing them into customers. It features full online booking, pipelines, social calendar, website builder, and more. The plan allows for unlimited contacts and users, and you can add as many contacts and users as needed. Users can set up a limited number of sub-accounts under this plan.

Unlimited Plan: At $297 USD per month, this plan includes everything offered in the Starter plan. Additional features are API access for integration with various tools and services. This plan allows for unlimited sub-accounts, meaning you can have as many client accounts as needed for one price. It also offers a branded desktop app with custom domains and complete control over the platform’s look and feel.

Both plans offer a free trial period, allowing users to test the platform’s features before committing to a subscription. There are no obligations or contracts, and users can cancel at any time. These plans are designed to be flexible, catering to agencies and marketers of different sizes and needs, offering a range of tools and features to help them manage their client’s leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and other services.

Reasons to Choose High Level:

  • Agency-Focused Features: High Level is specifically designed with marketing agencies in mind, offering tools and functionalities that cater to their unique needs.
  • White-Labeling Capabilities: Agencies can white-label High Level’s platform, offering it as their own service to clients, which is a significant advantage for branding and client relations.
  • All-in-One Platform: High Level combines CRM, sales funnel creation, lead capture and nurturing, and other marketing tools in one platform, reducing the need for multiple software subscriptions.
  • Automation and Efficiency: High Level’s automation capabilities, especially in lead nurturing and follow-up, are robust and can save significant time and effort.
  • Community and Support: High Level has a strong community focus, providing a network for agencies to share strategies and learn from each other.

While each of these platforms has its strengths, High Level’s comprehensive, all-in-one nature, combined with its focus on marketing agencies and white-labeling options, makes it a compelling choice for agencies looking to streamline their operations and offer a broad range of services to their clients.

High Level- Get the Leads Your Company Deserves
Click the button to learn more about High Level's amazing offerings. Let them put jet fuel on your small business marketing...>>


In conclusion, High Level is a comprehensive all-in-one sales and marketing platform tailored specifically for agencies, offering a robust suite of tools to streamline marketing efforts and enhance client engagement.

Its pricing is structured into two main plans: the Starter Plan at $97 USD per month, providing essential tools for lead capture, nurturing, and customer conversion, and the Unlimited Plan at $297 USD per month, which includes advanced features like API access and unlimited sub-accounts. Both plans offer a free trial, emphasizing flexibility and scalability to accommodate the diverse needs of marketing agencies and professionals.

With its wide array of features, including CRM, automated marketing, and white-labeling options, High Level stands out as a versatile and valuable tool for agencies looking to optimize their marketing strategies and grow their business.

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