How to Create a Plumbing Website: Simple Steps & Best Plumber Themes

Would you like to expand your plumbing business? Here is a brief setup guide for your website. Additionally, we demonstrate the best website themes for plumbers. Let’s begin! ..

How to Create a Plumbing Website: Quick Summary of Instructions

  1. Go to (hosting for website)
  2. Set Up an Account
  3. Select the Basic Plan
  4. Select a Domain (URL)
  5. Select “WordPress” Option
  6. Download Appropriate Plugins for WordPress
  7. Start Writing Your Posts
  8. Select a Theme (See Below)

I’ll go into more depth about these aforementioned measures down below. There are a few additional processes that you should be aware of. Not difficult, but essential! Before choosing a theme, you must set up your hosting and plugins.

Website Hosting Setup for Plumbers

Why SiteGround?

I have tried multiple hosts over the years, and SiteGround is the best entry-level/mid-level platform for new blog sites. The worst one I tried is BlueHost. After they crashed my site two times I decided to move on.

Select the Basic Plan

You’ll only need the basic StartUp plan for now. As your website grows, Siteground will increase your plan to match the number of visitors on your website.

You’ll only need the basic StartUp plan for now. As your website grows, Siteground will increase your plan to match the number of visitors on your website.

Wordpress Siteground Plans

Select Your Domain Name (URL)

Now you need to select your domain name (URL). Try and keep the name under 15 characters. Although not necessary, you can include the main keyword in your URL, for a small boost in rankings. But it is almost just as good to use your company name.

Create an Email for Your Account

Now create the email that you will use to sign into your WordPress account. I usually recommend using something like


During the setup procedure, Siteground will set you up with a WordPress account. You’ll manage your website and create posts using WordPress on a daily basis. Once you complete the initial setup, you won’t use Siteground much.

You will have a few alternatives to choose from while using Siteground. Use the default WordPress option for the time being. If you plan to sell things on your website, which is probably not the case if you are only advertising your plumbing services, then WooCommerce is an alternative for you.

WordPress SiteGround

Keep Your Website Ownership Information Private

Select whether you want your information to be hidden from public view. This is an extra fee but worth it. Your personal information will not be publicly available on ICANN’s website.

Select the Free Theme

Select a free theme for now. You can select a specific plumber theme once you have your hosting and plugins set up.

Essential Plugins for Your Plumbing Website

Here are the essential plugins for your plumbing website:

  • Yoast- Free
  • Short Pixel- Free for Starting Out
  • Really Simple SSL- Free
  • WordFence- Free (basic security for your site)

Start Writing Content

For your website to get popularity, you must produce at least 30 articles regarding plumbing-related topics. A decent rule of thumb is to include material that is over 3,000 words in length in about one-third of your articles. The second class of articles should consist of pieces that are between 2,000 and 3,000 words in length, and the final articles should be roughly 1,200 words long.

Search Google for keywords that include your local city’s name. An example would be “best plumber NYC” or “plumber prices Atlanta.” Just see what Google recommends in the search bar when you start typing. These are all great ideas for articles. For newer sites, the longer the keyword, the easier it typically is to rank for.

Google Search Electrician

Google won’t start giving your site much attention for 6-8 months. But you need to be generating content right out of the gate so that when it’s time, Google knows you are serious about your site due to the amount of content that has been written.

The Best Website Themes for Plumbers

OK, now that we have the hosting and plugins set up, now you can focus on themes. Here are the best website themes for plumbers.

Once you have selected one of the themes below, download the zip file. You don’t need to extract the zip file. Just leave it as-is. Go to your WordPress Dashboard >>Appearance >>Themes >>Add a Theme >>and Upload. Find the zip theme zip file on the computer and upload it. WordPress will extract the file, and then you can activate the theme. Pretty simple.

ProHauz Electrician Services WordPress Theme

ProHauz is a WordPress Theme for home improvement and maintenance services such as plumbing, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and solar system services but works well with other businesses as well. This WP theme is built having in mind the actual needs of businesses providing home improvement and repair services and their clients. This is a modern theme with 6 demos and many well-designed inner pages.

Click here to see the full list of features.

SturdyFix Electrician WordPress Template

This is SturdyFix, a powerful theme designed for modern maintenance services websites! The theme packs carefully designed templates and functionalities for every handyman, plumber, electrician, janitor, and more. Full Elementor Page Builder compatibility, tons of versatile and easily configurable elements, and lots more.

Click here to see the full list of features.

Praha Electrician Experts WordPress Theme

The Praha theme comes with necessary features for your online presence like projects, blog, testimonials, team page, etc. Electrician & Repairing can be a great choice for your online presence.

This template has a beautiful and unique design that will be best suited for your online web presence. It has a 100% responsive design and tested on all major handheld devices.

Click here to see the full list of features.

HomeFix – Plumber/ Handyman Theme

The HomeFix WordPress theme comes with features like Cost Estimator, Book an Appointment Form, Handyman Services, Team info, Branch Finder, and Store Locator.

Click here to see the full list of features.

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